Branded, independent and certificates from the Chamber of Builders

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„ABC Systems“ Ltd. has a large number of certified staff from both brand and independent certification bodies.
“ABC Systems” Ltd. periodically conducts internal training of staff on technical and organizational topics in accordance with ISO, which aims at high professionalism and continuous improvement of both engineering and installer staff.

We consult with the Occupational Medicine Commission, with issued annual certificates under ORDINANCE № Iz-2815 / 07.11.2011

Brand certificates

Independent certifying authorities

Certificates issued by the Chamber of Engineers in Investment Design (CEID)

Ограничена Проектантска правоспособност Цветелина Иванова

Пълна Проектантска правоспособност Гергана Гълабова

Пълна Проектантска правоспособност Венелин Конов

Камара на строителите в България

Държавна агенция за метрологичен и технически надзор

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