Electric installations

Research, offering, execution, testing, maintenance, repairs and reconstruction of electric installations in residential, industrial and public service buildings.
Our specialists offer flexible solutions when choosing materials and equipment, in line with the site’s specificities and with the requirements and budget of the customer.
The company implements the following electric installations:

  • Outdoor electric wiring of buildings;
  • Diesel generators and Uninterruptable Power Supply systems;
  • Power compensation;
  • Power supply lines built with cables and busbars;
  • Indoor power supply installations – sockets , electric motors and equipment;
  • Lighting installations – interior, evacuation, facade and park lighting with high variety of illuminants and modern solutions for lighting management;
  • Lightning protection installations and grounding installations;
  • Supply and installing of main distribution boards, module switchboards and control panels;
  • Anti-icing systems of gutters and drains;
  • Snow and ice protection systems;
  • Photovoltaic systems installations.
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