About ABC System

Nowadays, building a trustworthy electric infrastructure is the key to optimal energy efficiency management, security of necessary equipment and people in the building, as well as optimizing the resources of each company.

Building an efficient and multifunctional system environment starts with designing the cable infrastructure, goes through optimizing resources and ends with the successful integration of the equipment and putting together building installations in an entire system.

This process not only optimizes the integration of separate systems, but also guarantees minimizing their maintenance expenses. We believe that in this area we take advantage of our practical experience and knowledge as consultants, designers and partners at every stage of implementing your investment projects.

Our motto is “Always be at our customer’s side” and for that we aim to be responsible for your electric communication infrastructure – designing, optimization, integration and maintenance.

Our goal is to provide our customers with entire building up and maintenance of all kinds of electric installations, as well as to optimize their parameters so that they function optimally.

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